Mark Bittman’s Customizable Soups

3 of Mark Bittman's soups

I’m a habitual stock-maker (5 chicken carcasses from the butcher every second week @$1 for all five; hacked to bits and thrown in the stock pot with celery, onion & carrot) and freeze the stock for risottos, couscous, noodles and soups. I’m also a bit boringly habitual about the soups I make (mainly Pho in summer,  Saffron-Chicken in winter and just occasionally, Thick Pumpkin) which suggests I need a bit of a nudge… which stumbling across Mark Bittman in the NY Times has fortuitously provided. (It somehow popped up in my “international security” RSS feed aggreggator … perhaps soup is not just comfort food but security food?) Check it out: Mark Bittman’s Customizable Soups –

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